BETAFPV 1S Charger Board (BT2.0) with wall adapter (EU)


Kompakti, monipuolinen ja tehokas akkulaturilauta on suosituimpia lentäjien yleisiä työkaluja. Tämä latauskortti on räätälöity BT2.0-liittimen akkuun, samalla kun se lataa turvallisesti ja helposti.



Compact, versatile and powerful, the battery chargers board is among the most popular pilots’ common tools. This charger board is customized for BT2.0 connector battery, while it is safely and easily charging packs.


Bullet Point

  • Allow charging 6pcs BT2.0 Connector batteries at the same time, Individual charging per ports, not parallel
  • You could also use XT60 adapter or 3s/4s battery(XT60 Input) as supply power so you can continuously charge
  • Turns itself off when supply battery reaches safe low-voltage. 2 channels BEC for supply current
  • LED lights indicate when each battery is done charging


Charger Board Specification

  • Weight: 36.86g
  • ​Dimensions: 75x42x22mm
  • ​Input: 3s – 4s Selectable
  • Cutoff Voltage: 10.8v (3s), 14.4v (4s)
  • Output: Fixed at approx 400 milliamps
  • 4.35v cell charging cutoff for Lipo battery (+- 0.5% margin of error)
  • Optional AC Wall Adapter


Mitat 13 × 8 × 5 cm