1S LiPo / LiHV HV laturi – 6 kanavaa – 6 channel charger


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Kompakti kuusikanavainen 1S laturi. Tukee 4,2V ja HV 4,35V akkuja. Saa virran XT60 portista tai DC liittimestä. Verkkovirrasta ladattaessa kannattaa käyttää 2A 12V virtalähdettä.

– Supports 1.25, 2.0mm battery
– Supports LiPo 4.2V and LiHv 4.35V battery
– Supports 6 Batteries charged at the same time
– The display shows the each channel input and output voltage in order.
– Charge at either 200mA or 600mA according to the setting of a switch that can be set independently for each port.
– 2-6S(7.4V-22.2V)as power suuply or use adapters with at least 2A battery output.
LED Indicator: Charging- Always bright
                        Full charged- Flashing
Size: 153*16*5.8mm
Weight: 15g