EMODIA Long 6″ – XL arms – Long Top and Bottom plates


Kestävä runko 6mm armeilla Tarkoitettu micro kameralle, esim Runcam Micro Swift 2 tai Runcam Micro Eagle Tarvitsee lisäksi myös kamera mountin

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Simple and durable freestyle frame, with 6mm arms Can also be configured as a 7″ by having arms all the way at the front and the back Estimated about 94g for carbon fiber parts, and 15g for hardware

  • 2x 6mm XL boomerang arms
  • 1x 3mm Long Bottom plate
  • 1x 3mm Long Top plate
  • 6x 25mm M3 standoffs
  • 4x M3 nylock nuts for arms
  • 4x 20mm M3 screws for arms
  • 24x 8mm M3 screws for motors and top plate