Smoke Stopper


2A sulake XT60 liittimin, jos uuteen kopuun akun ensimmäistä kertaa liittäminen jännittää

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Are you always nervous to plug in the battery for the first time?
Did you ever have a fresh build blow up on you coz you wired something wrong?

Yes…and Yes??

Look No Futher! The Smoke Stopper is equiped with a 2A fuse.Place it between the battery and your build. If there is any shorted, the 2A fuse will take the blow instead of your component. Simply replace the 2A fuse after any accidents you may have then you are good to go again!

Afterall, using a multimeter to check you build is always the best way but if you are in a rush or have no idea how to use a multimeter, this product will gave you that little peace of mind.

*Replacement Fuses are not included, they are usually easy to find in your local hardware store.

*Do not arm your aircrafts with the smoke stopper as it is not designed to take anything more than 2A.

*We do not warrant any damages caused even when the smoke stopper is in-use.


  • Voltage: 2-8S Lipo
  • Current Limits: 2A
  • Length: ~180mm
  • Weight: 25g