PowerUp 30A 32bit Fixed Wing ESC with Rotation Sensing


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PowerUp Hobby 32bit Fixed wing ESCs draw on all the advancements in ESC technology that the drone revolution has brought forward. Using a Highspeed ARM 32bit processor allows for high resolution linear throttle control that translates in to smooth crisp throttle response from stick inputs. Automatic startup algorithms and adaptive timing virtually eliminate cogging or sync problems sometimes found in certain ESC and Motor combinations giving a smooth and instant motor start up. Regenerative breaking helps reduce power consumption by as much as 15% when compared to traditional fixed wing ESCs. The PowerUp Hobby 32bit ESC series also include motor rotation sensing capabilities allowing you to set the motors rotation direction through stick inputs. Simply initiate the sensing mode then turn the propeller in the direction you need it to spin, no more frustrating cases of having to change phase wires after your build to change motor direction!

• 32bit ARM Processor for sharp response and smooth operation.
• Automatic start up mode gives improved acceleration
• Adaptive timing improves motor compatibility and sync
• High resolution linear throttle gives finer response and control
• Regenerative breaking gives up to a 15% energy saving compared to normal ESCs
• Rotation Sensing technology, change motor rotation via software (no need to de-solder and re-solder wires)
• Available in sizes from 10A to 100A
• Custom connector configurations available on request.

Amps: 30A
Voltage: 2-4s
SBEC: 5.5v / 5Amp
Size: 48x24x11mm
Weight: 23g
PWM output frequency range is 8-18KHz (adjustable in programming).
Regular signal throttle range is 900us-2400us.
Max. RPM: 300,000rolls (2 poles), 100,000rolls (6 poles), 50,000rolls (12 poles)
Under voltage protection & Anti-spark protetion built in.
Large current activate freewheeling reduces heat build up.
Adaptive timing or manuall programed timing, 6 options available.
Adjustable braking by proportion, 3 options available.
A programming card is used for implementing different settings above.