FrSky FC+Receiver – XSRF4O F4 Flight Controller – XSR Rx OSD BARO SD-Card

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Integroitu XSR vastaanotin

Huom: tarvitsee 200mA@5V sisääntulon

Manual: XSRF4O


  •    Dimension: 36x36x6mm (L x W x H) with 30.5mm mounting holes
  •    Integrate with XSR receiver
  •    1~16 channels from Sbus output
  •    1~6 channels from PWM outputs
  •    S.Port enabled, support telemetry data transmission and more sensors
  •    OSD Configuration has been included in Betaflight GUI.
  •    Built-in SD slot
  •    Built-in F4 STM32F405 CPU
  •    Built-in 6-axis sensor MPU6000 (Accelerometer/Gyro)
  •    Built-in BARO BMP280

Package Included:

  • 1 x XSRF4O