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Item number: mini-ibus

DSC port: PPM/ i-BUS/S.BUS
Channels: 8 (PPM),18 (i-BUS)
Model type: Multi-rotor
RF range: 2.408-2.475GHz
Bandwidth: 500KHz
2.4GHz system: AFHDS 2A
Modulation type: GFSK
Low voltage alarm: None
Antenna length: 26mm (Not including brass contacts)
Power input: 4.0~8.4V
On-line update: None
No ground interference (Transmitting and receiving 1m from the ground): >300m
Operating current: 40mA
Channel delay: <15ms
Size: 20×14×5.3mm

Weight: 1.1g

Package Included:
1X Mini-ibus 8/18CH Mini Receiver