#15 – by Aleksi15

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Race frame with a great balance between light weight and durability, with 5mm arms, and can be used with a pod

Designed by EMO FPV Drones team pilot Aleksi15, one of the fastest drone racers in Finland, to be able to get the perfect frame for his needs

Compatible with all EMODIA arms


  • Top plate with 25mm standoffs: Plenty of space for electronics
  • Top plate with 20mm standoffs: For a tighter build, might have trouble fitting Micro Eagle at high angle
  • Pod: Doesn’t include top plate or standoffs, to be used with a 3D printed pod

69g with hardware

Parts included:

  • 2x 5mm boomerang arms
  • 2x 1.5mm bottom plate
  • 4x M3 aluminium nylock nuts for arms
  • 4x 20mm M3 screws for arms
  • 12x 8mm M3 screws for motors

Top plate versions also include:

  • 1x 2mm top plate
  • 4x 20mm or 25mm M3 standoffs
  • 4x 6mm M3 screws for top plate

Pod version also includes:

  • 2x 20mm M3 standoffs
  • 2x 6mm M3 screws



Top plate + 20mm standoffs, Top plate + 25mm standoffs, Pod